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Where Are They Now

Bohannan & Renes First Litter

As you may have read on the previous slides on my website, this was my very first litter with with one of my bitches. I have been lucky enough to be apart of other successful litters that Bohannan has sired but none were kept in my home. Over the last several months I have had mixed emotions about this certain litter, excited that I would be officially starting my own bloodline with the dogs I have raised since they were 10 weeks old. I had also felt extremely nervous considering this was my first litter that I would be doing in my own home, but I was never alone. I am so thankful for the mentors I had and still do have that helped me along the way, Tracy Dinley and Debbie Errico were so wonderful with guiding me if I ever had questions and gave me excellent advice with the many years experience they have under their belts. I will admit this has always been and may always be a learning experience but I am always willing to take advice from others and do my homework to ensure the health and safety of my poodles and any litters they have in the future. I was very lucky with this litter, everything went as smooth as any breeder would of hoped for, Rene had a beautiful whelping process and latched onto motherhood quickly.  She was a wonderful first time mom! All the puppies were such a joy! Each of them having their own personalities that kept me and my family laughing! I have a big family so you can imagine how much attention the puppies got which was a benefit because not only were the puppies handled often but my house is LOUD so they got accustomed to loud noises which helps the puppies not to become skiddish in the future! I am very happy with all the families that purchased the puppies. I still encourage the families to keep in touch with me about their puppies and how they are doing because I love to see what kind of dog they have grown into and what personality traits they have gained in the process!  

Meet the Puppies!

image_67212545 (1).JPG
Pursuit Leonardo
6 mon red pup.jpg
Pursuit She Will Leave You With A Smile Missy
-Missy's owner has told me that Missy has completed puppy training and is a very intelligent dog! 
Pursuit Rufus 
I see Rufus on a regular basis because I groom him! He keeps his owners on their toes when they let him outside, they never know what hes going to roll in or try to bring into their home!
Pursuit Garbato Roo
I decided to keep Roo from the litter, and I am very glad that I did. She LOVES being outside and playing with the other dogs. She especially loves playing with her mom Rene. She will also be working towards her obedience in May!
IMG_8874 (1).jpg
Pursuit Sir Cosmo Kramer Of Belmont 
Pursuit Winston 
I also groom Winston on a regular basis! He is a very loving and playful puppy and also keeps his new family on their toes!!
Pursuit Spirit Of The Raven (Magic)
Magic is a very outdoorsy dog! She loves to play in the snow and explore with her new family!
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